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The Jaguar experience surpasses any other and at Kentdale Jaguar we believe it's the best place to buy or service your Jaguar.

It could be an extravagant claim, but it’s one that every member of our team strives to live up to.

Our sales staff are knowledgeable and friendly and are constantly on hand to give you the information you need to know. They are people who advise and assist you, but let you make your own mind up, whether you’re buying a brand new Jaguar XJ or an Approved Used Jaguar.

After-care with every reassurance. Attention to detail, in-depth understanding of your vehicle, efficient service. Courtesy as a matter of course, of course.

We’re also pretty smart at finding a finance package and even insurance that suits you. Not us, you.

Then there’s the Jaguar accessories range as well, if you’re looking for pet accessories, toys or clothing to enhance your Jaguar ownership. And why wouldn’t you?

It’s the Jaguar service you’d expect and we always exceed expectations.

Part of the Jaguar experience is the Jaguar service. And we surpass expectations. It may not be magic, but we aim to make it magical. Every time.