Help For Our Customers During Coronavirus

Payment Holiday​

If your income has been impacted by coronavirus, Land Rover have a range of options to help you. They may be able to give you a payment holiday or offer you other help if you need it.  If you need a payment holiday, you may be able to defer your payments for 1 month or 3 months.

In most cases, you can make your request online using ‘Manage My Account’. If you are unable to process your request online, you can call Land Rover Financial Services on 0344 8244732.  Please try the online option first as this is the quickest way to make a request.

A payment holiday can help if you need to take a short break from making your payments. This may be due to a short term loss of or reduction in your income or your household income. If you are concerned the impact may be longer term, a payment holiday may not be right for you. Please call us on 0344 8244732 so that we can discuss other options to help you. If you need extra help, you can also visit

You can find out more about Payment Holidays section which explains: 

- How to ask for a payment holiday online

- How a payment holiday works

- How you will know the payment holiday is in place

- Why you pay more for a payment holiday

- What happens when the payment holiday ends

Payment Holidays

MOT Extension

The UK Government has agreed a six month extension for an MOT if it’s due on or after 30 March 2020 so you can continue to use the vehicle as long as it is in a roadworthy condition - i.e. the vehicle safe to drive.


Your Vehicle's Service

If your vehicle was due a service during lockdown, don't worry. We'll contact you and re-book your service